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New Redesigned FireCenter

Check out the new redesigned FireCenter, available soon.  The stand is the same duarable marine grade aluminum that our EnergyMate uses.  Powder coated and a 3/8″ wall it will stand up to most normal impacts and the environment. The system to attach to your dock or pad is less obtrusive and safer, totally enclosed in the post. … Read more »

It is Easy to Build a Relationship in the Sales Process

Keep in front of your customer with positive attachments on all follow-up emails or enclosures on written correspondence.  This can include communications during the sales process and certainly after. It is easy to do!  Attaching a brochure for a local restaurant with a confirmation email says you are interested in them more than just as… Read more »

The Importance of Branding in Your Marina or RV Park

  Branding or Brand Awareness is a major key to success for any business.  The number of times we tell our story, getting our name in front of customers has a direct correlation to growing our business.  From logos to the way our staff dresses, the way we interact with the customers to the appearance… Read more »

Marina Electrical Saftey

Water and electricity deserves everyone respect.  This Tuesday from Noon to 2 pm CST, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) collaborating with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) will present a webinar concerning Marina Electrical Safety. This is an important subject to all of us and I would encourage everyone to register and participate. … Read more »

New Website is up and working!

Welcome to our updated HyPower web site,  We have focused on giving you benefit information to help show why HyPower with our patented PowerSnap technology is best choice for your marine, RV and other outdoor power supply needs.  Hit the You Tube button to go to our power pedestal channel and see how PowerSnap… Read more »


Marina Dock Fire Extinguisher

The attractive yet simple FireCenter offers quick response capabilities for your customers. This safety center provides easy access to a fire extinguisher and life preserver. Extinguisher and life buoy not included.

Hyper blog

The PowerSnap™ Panel At HyPower®, we are not only in the business of providing you with revolutionary power products, we also deliver power to you. Power to change and grow, all while saving you time and money. Whether for your Marina or RV Park, our patented PowerSnap™ technology is the simple solution – you can… Read more »


boat dock storage lockers

Space Saving Solutions The most attractive dock locker on the market! A new, refreshing design from every angle that compliments today’s yachts and marinas. Vandal resistant hinges with internal fittings for added security for storing your valuables. Designed to accept standard padlocks (padlock not included). Made of UV-stabilized polyethylene, the HydroLocker is corrosion and impact… Read more »


Boat Dock pedestal

Our high-quality LightCenters illuminate your walking areas and are an aesthetically pleasing compliment to your overall appearance. In areas where power is not required, the LightCenter provides an added element of safe pathway lighting.