Unrivaled Versatility in a RV power pedestal

Featuring the PowerSnap Panel and Weather Base


HyPower’s design and engineering have always been about ease of use for our customers. PowerPort® RV Power Pedestal is the culmination of that philosophy with the technology and quality that will save you time and money.  Perfect for RV parks and campgrounds with the ability to add other utilities in a clean, all-in-one power pedestal.


 Non-conductive polycarbonate injection molded body with UV protection

Safer more secure internal fastening system

Prewired with standard copper wire to 400 ampere with provided non-metallic separation of high-voltage, low-voltage and water

Field wiring terminals to 350 kcmil for current carrying conductors and 2/0 AWG grounding

 Lockable hinged door with your padlock

Photo-cell activated 360̊ downward lighting with a 9W LED bulb and your choice of a clear, amber or NEW blue lens

 PowerSnap® panels

 Receptacles and breakers to include 100A, 50A, 30A and 20A Marine/RV with matching breakers

Brass connectors/stainless steel screws at all high stress points for stronger assembly; no more leaning pedestals in your park

 UL certified, ADA compliant, and meets or exceeds all NEC and NFPA requirements


PowerSnap Hurricane Weather Base

 Up to (2) 3/4” hose bibs with ADA compliant turn ball valves and brass backflow preventers

 Lid/top colors: white, blue or green

 CATV and Internet/CAT5 connectors

 Custom logos available for branding

 Utility metering both electric and water with remote read capability

“The year 2008 was a devastating year for Galveston Island hurricane Ike hit with a storm surge equal to a category 4 hurricane. We just opened “Jamaica Beach RV Park” the year before the storm. Thanks to the wise decision to use PowerPort pedestals we were able to detach the pedestal and store them out of harms way. Just days after the storm we reopened and were totally full while all the other RV parks were closed. We are currently adding 58 new sites and again will be using HyPower PowerPorts.”— Ron G. 
Jamaica Beach RV Park, Galveston Island,Texas

Jamaica Beach RV Park

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