PowerSnap “Hurricane” Weather Base

With all of the recent hurricanes and flooding we are getting a lot of calls concerning our optional PowerSnap “Hurricane” Weather Base found exclusively on the HyPower PowerPort.

From flooding or a severe gale, water damages cause some of the biggest losses in a hurricane – leading to major refurbishing or total replacement of electrical systems including power pedestals.  NEC code requires that all breakers, receptacles, meters and other small wire components be replaced if exposed to water to prevent shock and fire hazard in Marinas or RV Parks.  The PowerSnap Weather Base is a great choice allowing you to protect your investment by removing the power heads off the bases and taking them to a safe, dry location. The bases are covered with a weather cap to protect the terminal bar.  Once the storm passes, it is fast and easy to be the first back in business – normally with just a little clean up.

This is a great option for coastal Marinas and RV Parks including those inland where high water and flooding create issues.  We even have customers that use them for winterization, pulling the power heads at the end of season to reduce wear and prevent vandalism.

You can see a video on our website giving you an idea as to how easy it is on powerpedestal.com/product/powerport/

Bernice State Park in Oklahoma has pulled their units three times due to lake flooding.  Old Port Cove in Florida is one of the original users of the “hurricane” base recently surviving Hurricane Irma.  Marinas and RV Parks from the Bahamas Green Turtle Marina to Sea Harbour Yacht Club in North Carolina, Sanctuary in Belize to Galveston’s Jamaica Beach RV Resort have found that the patented HyPower PowerSnap “Hurricane” Weather Base can be a great investment.

If you have questions or would like additional information please give us a call at (918) 283-4215.


HyPower was recently honored by being named a collaborator for the PowerDocks, LLC 2018 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored PowerDocks in recognition of the exceptionally groundbreaking new consumer marine BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock innovation.  The BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock is a first of its kind floating solar dock outfitted with walkable non-skid photovoltaics (solar modules), energy storage and power distribution able to provide renewable electrical power to boaters located in remote locations away from marinas.

PowerDocks Managing Partners mentioned their collaboration with several Marine Industry Leaders including HyPower™ in the development of their new product.

“It was a compliment to be chosen to work with so many technology leaders within our industry.  We look forward to many different future projects with PowerDocks as green alternative power needs come to the marine market.”

The new solar dock offers multiple boaters the benefit to dock and power up for an extended period of time without the need to carry power generators.  The new Blue Isles™ Solar Docks can be interconnected to marinas electrical grid systems for obtaining net metering credits to offset power usage expenditures and or interconnected as distributed generation facilities for selling the power to local utilities in applicable jurisdictions.


Marina Power and Light Pedestals with a Difference

From New Jersey to Florida and on to Minnesota HyPower is the product of choice for many marina and RV parks.Silver River.RV EM4.2016.05

Crystal Cove Resort Marina is a gem on the St. Johns River in Palatka, FL. This 10 acre resort offers guest rooms, off water pool, food and a banquet room for special occasions. The marina offers boat rentals and fuel with some of the best bass fishing in Florida.

Recently renovated using HyPower PowerPorts for their shore power, Kelly Rutherford and his wife have a great facility with some of the best scenic views of the St. Johns River. It is a great place to just escape with fishing, boating and everything you need right on the property. Give them a call 386.325.1055 or email them Jessica@crystalcovefl.com to find out more.

Bayport.PP2.2016.05Just down the road from Crystal Cove is one of Florida’s most diverse state parks, Silver Springs State Park. The campground features our HyPower RV EnergyMates. They have been improving the sites for several years and have been a pleasure to work with. Silver Springs State Park 352.236.7185 in Ocala, FL is definitely a bucket list destination.

The St. Croix River in Minnesota is the perfect location for this marina and their slogan says it all, “The Marina That Thinks It’s A Resort!” Bayport Marina is a first class facility with classic views, world class facilities and the staff to make it a perfect place to stop while touring the St. Croix. Tennis courts, heated swimming pool with a great view, on-site restaurant and a full-service marina just off dowCrystal Cove.PP5.2016.05ntown.

For several years the membership has been renovating their docks adding HyPower PowerPorts for shore power. We take great pride that they continue to come to us for their shore power needs with plans to complete their transient and fuel docks this off-season. Give them a call if you are on the St. Croix River 651.439.2040.

Power Pedestals Fast and Easy Safety Inspections for Marina & RV Parks

By code all components of your electrical system, including marina power pedestals, in your marina or RV Park should have routine maintenance and inspections at least once a year to make sure they are in a good working order.  One of the best times to do this is now, prior to the start of the year.  Finding problems at any time makes your facility safer for your customers.  Doing it now helps prevent potential customer service issues when you are busy.  No one likes replacing a breaker or receptacle when your marina or park is full.

HyPower’s PowerSnap technology makes inspection of power pedestals much faster and easier than most traditional pedestals.  By removing four screws and snapping the panel off you can see all electrical components – checking for corrosion, loose wires, burn marks that indicate overheating, etc.  Many power pedestals require the operation of multiple doors to get into different areas of the pedestal or even taking parts of the pedestal apart.

HyPower power pedestals can also be safer to work on.  You can remove the panel to a workshop to clean-up corrosion and replace a breaker or receptacle if needed.  No more working in front of your customers in an environment that is not as safe as your workshop.  Best of all you can replace the panel with a spare while you do the work on the damaged panel, never being “out of service”!

Here is a quick check guide for power pedestals:

Power Pedestals Maintenance Checklist




A great resource for marina electrical awareness including additional information on inspections in a marina is at Association of Marina Industries.  We recommend printing this out for your use; it includes some additional checklists for daily, weekly and monthly overviews.


Be sure to document all inspections and repairs to meet current safety and code requirements within your facility.

Check us out at powerpedestal.hydrohoist.com, our HyPower Power Pedestal Facebook page or see it action at HyPower’s You Tube Channel.

Expanded Capabilites at HyPower

Imagine not having to walk your property to be able to bill your customers for the utilities they use?

HyPower offers a bridge marina power pedestalcloud based remote utility control and monitoring product partnering with Marine Sync.  Faster and more accurate than the traditional method of collecting readings from counters on the pedestals, Marine Synch gives you access to the features to improve the level of services offered while saving you money when installed with your PowerPorts.

-Wireless reading for both electric and water meters

-Detailed billing and usage reports to manage your business

-Remotely disable or enable the power to your pedestal  curbing power poaching – great for transient docks

-Manage and isolate stray current making your marina safer  with ground fault monitoring

Great for marinas and RV parks the Marine Synch RUM System can be used on new or existing metered power pedestals.  Call HyPower today 918.341.6811 and make an investment in the future of your business, focusing your people on taking care of the customer.

Why a Marina Power Pedestal?

For many boaters, seeing a receptacle for shore power on a post or wall is still the norm as marinas look to do business like they always have or initially try to save a few dollars.  Boaters are our customers and this way of doing business is counterproductive to creating a professional, profitable environment, and in many cases, costs much more in the long-term.

Receptacle Disaster

Homemade dock side power source

Why make the investment in marina power pedestals when developing, expanding, or upgrading your marina?

When customers visit marinas they are looking for a home away from home in addition to a place to store their second largest investments.  How do we convince customers to trust us with such a large part of their lives?  I believe we should approach this just like any other seller of consumer products or services: by creating the best package possible to convince potential boaters to choose us and current customers to stay with us.

This requires looking at our operations, from our people and facilities to the appearance and amenities of the marinas.  Just like when they chose a neighborhood to live in, your potential customers have checklists of what they are looking for in order to make the decision on where to build their lives on the water.  Marine power pedestals are an important part of creating a professional appearance within a safe environment that can set us apart from the competition.


A dock power pedestal adds to the services offered in the marina and the appearance creates an atmosphere of quality, making it more likely that the customers will select you as their destination of choice.  Being this ideal location fills slips and typically creates the demand so that an owner can increase revenues with slip rentals and traffic for other services, such as ship stores and fuel dock sales.  It is important to never underestimate the power of first impressions, and our pedestal leaves a powerful, resounding one.


Highport Marina, Lake Texoma in Texas


The safety of our customers is a shared responsibility.  Marina power pedestals are designed for the specific use of safely supplying power to your customers’ boats.  Typically, shore power pedestals from manufacturers like HyPower, Eaton, Accmar, and Ensign are certified compliant to meet industry standards like UL, and their design allows for easy use and maintenance.  This safe environment is critical for the peace of mind that customers desire, in addition to potentially reducing your liability and insurance rates.

Operational Branding

Once in the marina, access to breakers, the ability to easily get cords in and out, lighting, water, and other convenience options are all found in a marina power pedestal, which greatly increases customer satisfaction.  This leads to long-term customers and more word-of-mouth advertising.  Dock power pedestals are also easier to service, allowing you to manage cost-effective inspections and run better maintenance on the pedestals.

An added benefit to the sense of professionalism that marina power pedestals create is how your employees conduct themselves.  Typically, the pedestal improvement makes their jobs easier and the operation run smoother overall, thus allowing for higher service expectations.  All of this is a byproduct of an organization with cost and service efficiencies from sales and maintenance to operations and management.

Why buy or upgrade to marina power pedestals?

Simply put, marina power and light pedestals make your life as an owner easier and business more profitable in the long-term, while improving the customer experience and workplace environment.  This is a real return on investment that you can feel every day you own and operate your marina.

If you have any comments about this article email me.  At HyPower we offer the highest quality and the most flexible power pedestal on the market, saving you time and money versus a traditional marine or RV power pedestal.  Check out our entire family of products for a TotalPower solution for your marina or RV Park.

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New Redesigned FireCenter

Check out theDock Fire Pedestals new redesigned FireCenter, available soon.  The stand is the same duarable marine grade aluminum that our EnergyMate uses.  Powder coated and a 3/8″ wall it will stand up to most normal impacts and the environment.

The system to attach to your dock or pad is less obtrusive and safer, totally enclosed in the post.  It is also much easier to inground mount.  This will soon be available on all our stand based units to keep your facilities neater and safer.

Let us know what you think…

It is Easy to Build a Relationship in the Sales Process

Keep in front of your customer with positive attachments on all follow-up emails or enclosures on written correspondence.  This can include communications during the sales process and certainly after.

It is easy to do!  Attaching a brochure for a local restaurant with a confirmation email says you are interested in them more than just as a paid slip.  As you follow-up with a potential customer, include a how to, maintenance or accessory brochure.  This improves the relationship and eases the sales process while assuming the sale.  It can also lead to larger sales with additional in the future.

Anything you can do to help your customer make a decision in the sales process or reinforce their decision afterwards will lead to more closes, higher dollars per sale or more referrals and repeat business.   Positive content, something that they will find value in outside of the sale is the key to building relationships leading to increased sales.

At HyPower, we have developed two different brochures that you can use, a preparedness brochure talking about what to do in the event of a hurricane and another on how to save space on your docks by creating utility centers.  We hope to have more soon including Pedestal Maintenance, What to Look for in a Power Pedestal, etc.  If you have any ideas on what can make your life easier let us know.

The Importance of Branding in Your Marina or RV Park


Branding or Brand Awareness is a major key to success for any business.  The number of times we tell our story, getting our name in front of customers has a direct correlation to growing our business.  From logos to the way our staff dresses, the way we interact with the customers to the appearance of our Marinas and RV Parks, it all tells a story.  If consistent to the message we want to get out into the market, this story builds great Brand Awareness and increases in our bottom line.

Branding directly relates to word of mouth advertising and awareness in the marketplace.  A brand is the personality of an operation that identifies it, making it easier for people to remember them.  It can consist of emotional and physical aspects including color, symbols, feelings, experiences and more.  The sum of this is the Brand Experience, how you, your staff, investors customers all feel about your business and the likelihood of them recommending it either positively or negatively.

At HyPower, we can help with custom colors and logos on PowerPorts, increasing the number of contacts your “brand” has with customers.  Stock colors are white, blue, and green, but we can color match any color to use on the PowerPort tops.  All PowerPort and EnergyMate doors have a recessed area that holds an oval logo sticker.  It is an easy process for us to relocate that and provide you the information to have custom logo stickers made so every time a customer plugs their power cords in or out, it reinforces your facility and professionalism.

One more thought: word of mouth advertising is at no additional cost to you, it is just doing business right day to day.  If positive, this is the best kind of marketing.  Ask us today about the easy to use opportunities that can set your facility apart from the competition.