HyPower Outdoor Power Pedestal FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please check below to see if the answer is there. We have tried to take our most common questions and answer them, saving you time. If you do not find what you need, or require more detail, please contact us by email at support@powerpedestal.com

General Questions

Can my PowerPort and EnergyMate door be locked to prevent access to the receptacles?

Yes, the doors on your units have snap latches molded in for secure closure that are designed to accept most standard locks to secure your unit.

Do you offer fire extinguishers for your FirePedestal?

Due to special shipping requirements, local annual inspection requirements in many areas and the availability of quality, inexpensive extinguishers within the local marketplace we no longer offer them directly from HyPower.

How do I clean my unit?

Use a light mixture of degreasing dish wash soap and water, approximately 1:10 ratio, wiping the unit down while the breakers are shut off. Please see our Care and Maintenance guidelines for additional information.

I need to replace the door on my unit, what can I do?

With an EnergyMate, carefully apply pressure to one hinge/door and pull door out, replacing in the same manner. With our PowerPort, turn the power off to the unit, remove lid by removing 4 bolts underneath lid (if using power drill use flexible bit so as not to scratch body), disconnect wires to bulb and set lid aside, remove 4 screws in lens and carefully remove lens, replace door, replace lens, re-connect bulb, replace lid.

Is your product UL approved?

Our EnergyMates and PowerPorts are UL listed as a complete unit from the plastic and wires to the receptacles and breakers. In addition, where applicable we use only UL approved components to keep our standards. For you reference our project number is UL E111694 and each of our units is stickered accordingly.

What are the benefits of the PowerSnap Weather “Hurricane” Base option?

In short, protecting your investment! Imagine being able to remove your power head from the base in just minutes when bad weather is coming, hurricane, flood, etc. Just undo three screws, pull the main body of your unit up and place the supplied cap over the base; then you can take your power head out of danger. This is also a great option for winterization or when you plan to be away from your facility for a while; just remove the body/power head and store securely. NOTE: Always make sure power is disconnected from the unit prior to utilizing the PowerSnap Weather Base option, removing the unit’s power head.

What are your Aluminum EnergyMate Stands made of?

6061 marine grade aluminum, the highest standards for marine use. In addition, each unit is powder coated for additional endurance in any environment.

What colors are available for HydroLockers?

Currently we offer our granite-white in HydroLockers; check the HyPower web site to see how attractive this color is plus it helps hide dirt, wear and tear.

What do you use to maintain your products?

Basic maintenance may include adding non-petroleum grease to your PowerSnap contact points and cleaning connections with a non-petroleum base contact cleaner, corrosive inhibitor. Please check any product carefully making sure it is non-flammable and non-conductive in addition to not being a petroleum base. As with any electrical appliance, make sure power is off to the unit prior to any maintenance and consult your licensed electrician if you have any questions. See our Care and Maintenance guidelines for additional information.

What lid (tops) color choices are available on your PowerPorts?

White, blue and green are standard colors, shown on our web site and in our catalog. HyPower does offer custom color options, check with your salesperson on how to brand your project with custom color lids and even logos!

Questions About Electrical

Can I run 3-phase power to my EnergyMate?

Due to space requirements, true 3-phase is not possible in our EnergyMate. You may loop-feed or daisy-chain as an alternative, please discuss with your licensed electrician to determine your needs and application.

Can I swap out my existing panel for one with larger receptacles? Example; moving from a 30 ampere to a 50 ampere for my new boat?

Yes, that is one of the tremendous advantages of HyPower patented PowerSnap technology; in just a few minutes you can change out any panel up to the maximum capacity of your unit and main power transition/fuse box. You no longer have the added expense of having an electrician rewire your unit and change out the receptacles and breakers; just give us a call today to order the panel that is right for you. NOTE: When upgrading a panel you are limited to the input power from your master box and the maximum amperage specified for your particular unit. Consult with your licensed electrician as needed and make sure power is disconnected from the unit prior to replacing a panel.

How do I get replacement receptacles and breakers?

Your HyPower unit is designed with standard marine or RV receptacles and breakers that can be found at most hardware and electrical supply stores. For your convenience, you may order them through our on-line store. There are no hard to get proprietary receptacles or breakers in our units; we strive to use common parts that save you money in the end.

How do I switch out my PowerSnap panel?

Simply remove the four stainless steel screws holding the panel into the face of your unit then pull out using the two slotted knobs on the face of your PowerSnap panel. To reinsert, just align the jaws on your unit with the panel and apply a slight pressure. Once it is snapped in, replace the four screws securing your PowerSnap panel. NOTE: When upgrading a panel you are limited to the input power from your master box and the maximum amperage specified for your particular unit. Consult with your licensed electrician as needed and always make sure power is disconnected from the unit prior to switching out a panel.

My electrician is asking about lug sets, are these included with my unit?

Lugs are not standard with our units except when you order a PowerSnap Weather Base on a PowerPort. You can use lugs depending on electrical codes in your area on all of our units. We offer 350MCM aluminum lugs for our PowerPorts and MCH 2/0 aluminum lugs for the EnergyMate.

Why do you show all of your RV PowerSnap Panel configurations with a 20-ampere GFCI Duplex receptacle?

National standards for the RV industry require that all RV panels include a 20-ampere GFCI Duplex receptacle.

Questions About Lighting

Do you offer an LED bulb to work in my HyPower unit?

Yes, we now offer standard LED bulbs as a lighting solution.

How do I change out my light bulb?

This is a simple process, easy to do – With our EnergyMate the bulb is accessible from the front, just open door and replace bulb. With our PowerPort, you will need to remove lid/top. Always turn off the power first. Underneath the lid/top, you will find four screws that will need to be loosened so that you may lift it off the unit. If using a power drill a flexible bit is recommended so as not to scratch body. You will then have access to the bulb in the lid/top, change the bulb and proceed to reattach your lid.

How many hours should my light bulbs work before burning out?

The CF bulbs we use are rated at 8000 hours though this does not take into consideration power surges, weather or the environment. Our expectation under regular use, with no surges, is 14 – 24 months though any individual bulb could have a longer or shorter life. The optional LED bulbs are rated at 5 years.

I see a fuse in-line with my light and photo-sensor, what size do I need to replace it?

We recommend a 3-amp slow burn fuse available at most hardware or electrical supply stores. We also stock them for your needs; just give us a call or order off our web store.

My light won’t come on; how do I check to see what is wrong?

With either an EnergyMate or PowerPort, the steps are basically the same. (1) Check the operation of your light bulb by replacing it or trying it in another socket you know is working. (2) The next area to check is the photocell by covering it with black electricians tape to see if the light will come on as designed. Photocells vary in sensitivity; you may have to partially cover the cell with the tape to limit the light access, making it easier to come on. (3) Open the in-line fuse holder and check the fuse making sure it is still functional, not burned out from a surge. In most cases, you will have found the problem and corrected it by now. If not, it may be the socket or another issue where you will want to involve your licensed electrician in most cases. NOTE: Consult with your licensed electrician as needed and always make sure power is disconnected from the unit prior to working on it. When checking lighting, this will mean that you need to turn it on and off as needed in-between testing solutions.

What is the power of my light bulb?

The power of the light builds varies by unit. Our PowerPort utilizes a 13W fluorescent bulb with a 360° downward view to soften yet illuminate your walkways for safety. The EnergyMate has a 4W fluorescent bulb that also shines downward at the front of the unit. The optional LED bulbs 10W on the PowerPort and 5W on the EnergyMate.

Questions About Meters

Can I install a meter in a unit that I already have?

Depending on the configuration of your unit, this should be able to be done. We recommend that you get your licensed electrician involved to guarantee the proper, safe installation. Meters, CT’s and counters for most application are available through our web store or contact us direct.

Do you offer Electrical and/or Water metering options?

Yes, HyPower offers water metering with many different solutions for electrical metering including complete unit, single/multiple receptacles and panels, even remote option through an outside partner. Water connections are available on all PowerPorts or EnergyMates with custom stands.

What does an electrical meter do for me?

Typically, a meter is used to assess power usage for an individual user in increments of 1/10th a KW Hour. It can be wired by the panel, unit and or individual receptacle though a 20-ampere GFCI Duplex plug is not normally metered.

Questions About Water

Are your water faucets equipped with Backflow Preventers?

Yes, every faucet we install includes a Backflow Preventer; in many areas this is a code requirement.

Is my water faucet ready to be plumbed upon delivery?

A standard water faucet with a Backflow Preventer is attached to the base of the unit or stand, ready for your licensed plumber to bring the water source to it.

A Few Final Recommendations

Also, check our Care and Maintenance guide for more information on preventative maintenance and inspections. It is easy to extend the life of your HyPower unit with just a few easy steps.

Whenever working on or cleaning anything that has power connected to it you should always shut the power off prior to proceeding with your task. If you ever have a question about what or how to proceed, contact your licensed electrician, they are the experts.

Please feel free to offer your comments or suggestions, we are always striving to improve and believe the everyday user is the real test, just email us at support@powerpedestal.com.
Thank you for your ownership and support of HyPower!