HyPower Advantage

Imagine being able to swap a panel in 5 minutes, getting the power you need without rewiring a unit or calling an electrician to replace breakers and receptacles. Whether for routine maintenance or an upgrade to more power, HyPower’s PowerSnap technology allows alterations without the inconvenience or expense of traditional power products.

HyPower provides an everyday advantage that makes a difference to your customer and sets your facility apart from the competition.


Outsmart bad weather! Protect your investment with the PowerSnap Weather Base, an exclusive advantage of HyPower. Easy to remove, easy to replace. When preparing for hurricanes, floods, or winterization, the PowerPort’s lift-off power head is easily removable for safe, convenient storage. Then, be the first one back with power; just plug it in and turn it on.

Lower maintenance costs and improve service in your Marina or RV Park! The flexibility of PowerSnap Technology gives you an advantage by allowing you to quickly upgrade or change receptacles and breakers by snapping in a panel. You can do it yourself! All breakers and receptacles are standard, readily available items: no OEM specific replacements that require ordering from the manufacturer.

Longer life, fewer worries! Every step of our design and manufacturing process exceeds industry standards and codes. High-pressure injection-molded cases incorporate tin-plated copper bars, fine-strand tine-plated wiring, and marine-grade machine screw fasteners in threaded brass inserts standard on all units. We even hydraulically attach the wire connectors to ensure unrivaled durability and service.

HyPower with HydroHoist®, LLC stands behind its product! More than 50 years in the business with a focus on quality and customer service has earned HydroHoist a reputation for exceeding expectations. Our power products are completely UL-Certified. Designed to be ADA compliant, HyPower products also avoid liability issues.

Introducing TotalPower Solutions! HyPower pedestals featuring patented PowerSnap panels and bases are now paired with industry-leading distribution products. Substations, transformers, and panelboards, with the wire/cable your project requires, all from one place. When matched with our complementary design services and customer service, there’s no need to go anywhere else. HyPower is your one-stop source for any Marina or RV project.

Our Promise

As the industry technology and quality leader, HyPower is committed to providing revolutionary power products. Our goal is to provide power products to fit your needs at the highest quality possible with service to match. Real solutions for marinas, RV parks, homes, and recreation that save you both time and money.

The best power solution value on the market?
HyPower products with patented PowerSnap Technology!