EnergyMate RV

energy mate power supply pedestal in tropical setting attached to RV
energy mate power supply pedestal on dock with wooden table and chair
energy mate power supply pedestal in tropical neighborhood
energy mate panel detached

Small in Size, Big in Features

The power you need, where you need it with PowerSnap.

EnergyMate® is the simple and affordable solution for marinas, RV campgrounds, and homes. Its compact size is ideal for any location and delivers power with a capacity of 120 amperes where you need it. Just like its big brother – PowerPort® – the EnergyMate® is built to last, featuring PowerSnap® panel technology to save you time and money.

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Standard Features

  •  Non-conductive polycarbonate injection molded body with UV protection
  •  Prewired with standard copper to 120 amperes with separation of high and low-voltage
  •  Field wiring terminals to 2 AWG wire
  •  Lockable hinged door with standard padlock
  •  Photo-cell activated downward lighting with a 5W LED bulb and your choice of a clear, amber, or blue lens
  •  PowerSnap® panels
  •  Receptacles and breakers including 50A, 30A and 20A Marine/RV with matching breakers
  •  Brass connectors/stainless steel screws at all high-stress points
  •  UL certified, ADA compliant, and meets or exceeds all NEC and NFPA requirements


  •  Mounting options – (1) Bracket mounting kit for mounting EnergyMate to a pole (2) 42″ powder coated heavy duty 6063-grade aluminum stand for pad mounting (3) in-ground 42″ stand
  •  Up to (2) 3/4″ hose bibs with ADA compliant turn ball valves and brass backflow preventers on optional stand
  •  CATV and Internet/CAT5 connectors
  •  Custom logos available
  •  Metering both electric and water utilities (water only with optional stand)


2012-06-15_1532.png“We recently installed 42 Energymate power panels at the project I work at where they are susceptilbe to flooding. this spring we has a record flood but was able to remove all the snap-in panels without the loss of any equipment and a small amount of manpower. My hope is to replace all my old style pedestals that can flood with these. They not only are great for flood plane but from a safety standpoint you remove 4 screws pop out old panel, pop in new one, re-install 4 screws and take it to the work shop where you can diagnose the problem, repair it while your customer is enjoying their camping.”— Kelly S., US Army Corps of Engineers Campground, Nolin River Lake, KY

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