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HyPower was recently honored by being named a collaborator for the PowerDocks, LLC 2018 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. The National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored PowerDocks in recognition of the exceptionally groundbreaking new consumer marine BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock innovation.  The BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock is a first of its kind floating solar… Read more »

Marina Power and Light Pedestals with a Difference

From New Jersey to Florida and on to Minnesota HyPower is the product of choice for many marina and RV parks. Crystal Cove Resort Marina is a gem on the St. Johns River in Palatka, FL. This 10 acre resort offers guest rooms, off water pool, food and a banquet room for special occasions. The… Read more »

Expanded Capabilites at HyPower

Imagine not having to walk your property to be able to bill your customers for the utilities they use? HyPower offers a cloud based remote utility control and monitoring product partnering with Marine Sync.  Faster and more accurate than the traditional method of collecting readings from counters on the pedestals, Marine Synch gives you access to the features to improve the… Read more »

Why a Marina Power Pedestal?

Receptacle Disaster

For many boaters, seeing a receptacle for shore power on a post or wall is still the norm as marinas look to do business like they always have or initially try to save a few dollars.  Boaters are our customers and this way of doing business is counterproductive to creating a professional, profitable environment, and… Read more »

Welcome to

Welcome to the new HydroHoist Marine Group family of websites. We are consistently trying to improve our customer’s online experience with our products and brands. Look for more updates and announcements in the coming months. Make sure to try out the new websites on your mobile phone and tablet. HydroHoist Marine Group HydroHoist Boat Lifts… Read more »

New Redesigned FireCenter

Check out the new redesigned FireCenter, available soon.  The stand is the same duarable marine grade aluminum that our EnergyMate uses.  Powder coated and a 3/8″ wall it will stand up to most normal impacts and the environment. The system to attach to your dock or pad is less obtrusive and safer, totally enclosed in the post. … Read more »

It is Easy to Build a Relationship in the Sales Process

Keep in front of your customer with positive attachments on all follow-up emails or enclosures on written correspondence.  This can include communications during the sales process and certainly after. It is easy to do!  Attaching a brochure for a local restaurant with a confirmation email says you are interested in them more than just as… Read more »

The Importance of Branding in Your Marina or RV Park

  Branding or Brand Awareness is a major key to success for any business.  The number of times we tell our story, getting our name in front of customers has a direct correlation to growing our business.  From logos to the way our staff dresses, the way we interact with the customers to the appearance… Read more »

Marina Electrical Saftey

Water and electricity deserves everyone respect.  This Tuesday from Noon to 2 pm CST, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) collaborating with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) will present a webinar concerning Marina Electrical Safety. This is an important subject to all of us and I would encourage everyone to register and participate. … Read more »