Small In Size, Big In Features

The power you need, where you need it with PowerSnap.

The EnergyMate is your simple and economical solution. It’s size is ideal for almost any location and it can really deliver the power with a capacity of 120 amperes right where you need it. Just like it’s big brother PowerPort, the EnergyMate is built to last, featuring extra durable, non-conductive polycarbonate UL Approved housing. All this and the one-of-a-kind PowerSnap Panel.

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How PowerSnap Works

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  • Customize your PowerSnap panel with combinations up to 50 ampere receptacle and breaker options.
  • Put your power where you need it. Mount the EnergyMate on a pole (bracket available), a stand, or create a utility center with our patented HydroLocker.


Minimize your safety and security risks with the downward indirect lighting. It comes standard with energy efficient, four watt, self-ballasted fluorescent light. While the lighting can be controlled remotely or by an onboard photo sensor. *LED lighting is available.

The Power You Need

Just like the PowerPort, the EnergyMate’s PowerSnap panel is available in combinations of up to 50 ampere corrosion-resistant receptacles. Choose from Marine, RV, and International styles. Receptacles (UL approved up to 120 amperes), breakers, high-speed internet, and TV connections are securely stored away in lockable cabinet panels.


Customized logo options allow you to personalize each EnergyMate with your facility’s identity.

Safety & Durability

The durable enclosure is a special, nonmetallic, non-conductive, UV protected, and UL Approved polycarbonate


Energymate 2

We recently installed 42 EnergyMate power panels at the project I work at where they are susceptible to flooding. This spring we had a record flood but was able to remove all the snap-in panels without the loss of any equipment and a small amount of manpower. My hope is to replace all my old style pedestals that can flood with these. They not only are great for flood plane but from a safety standpoint you remove 4 screws pop out old panel, pop in new one, re-install 4 screws and take it to the work shop where you can
diagnose the problem, repair it while your customer is enjoying their camping.
— Kerry Sanders, US Army Corps of Engineers Campground, Nolin River Lake, KY”

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the HyPower EnergyMate power panel. It has been under water during two hurricanes and one Nor’easter. When the storms passed, everything came apart easily to clean
and reassemble. Even all of my breakers worked! The HyPower advantage is everything plugs into the base where all the permanent wiring is located. This makes it possible to simply pull out the panel and remove it from harm’s way– which we have yet to do, but it keeps on ticking. My next door neighbor
bought the same unit for his dock on my recommendation and it too weathered Irene without problems. Even his 4 watt night light works. Mine, unfortunately passed away.

                        — Phil Rosch, Very Satisfied Customer


Options include stands, water with stands, pole mounting brackets, and utility metering.