The Importance of Branding in Your Marina or RV Park


Branding or Brand Awareness is a major key to success for any business.  The number of times we tell our story, getting our name in front of customers has a direct correlation to growing our business.  From logos to the way our staff dresses, the way we interact with the customers to the appearance of our Marinas and RV Parks, it all tells a story.  If consistent to the message we want to get out into the market, this story builds great Brand Awareness and increases in our bottom line.

Branding directly relates to word of mouth advertising and awareness in the marketplace.  A brand is the personality of an operation that identifies it, making it easier for people to remember them.  It can consist of emotional and physical aspects including color, symbols, feelings, experiences and more.  The sum of this is the Brand Experience, how you, your staff, investors customers all feel about your business and the likelihood of them recommending it either positively or negatively.

At HyPower, we can help with custom colors and logos on PowerPorts, increasing the number of contacts your “brand” has with customers.  Stock colors are white, blue, and green, but we can color match any color to use on the PowerPort tops.  All PowerPort and EnergyMate doors have a recessed area that holds an oval logo sticker.  It is an easy process for us to relocate that and provide you the information to have custom logo stickers made so every time a customer plugs their power cords in or out, it reinforces your facility and professionalism.

One more thought: word of mouth advertising is at no additional cost to you, it is just doing business right day to day.  If positive, this is the best kind of marketing.  Ask us today about the easy to use opportunities that can set your facility apart from the competition.