Why a Marina Power Pedestal?

For many boaters, seeing a receptacle for shore power on a post or wall is still the norm as marinas look to do business like they always have or initially try to save a few dollars.  Boaters are our customers and this way of doing business is counterproductive to creating a professional, profitable environment, and in many cases, costs much more in the long-term.

Receptacle Disaster

Homemade dock side power source

Why make the investment in marina power pedestals when developing, expanding, or upgrading your marina?

When customers visit marinas they are looking for a home away from home in addition to a place to store their second largest investments.  How do we convince customers to trust us with such a large part of their lives?  I believe we should approach this just like any other seller of consumer products or services: by creating the best package possible to convince potential boaters to choose us and current customers to stay with us.

This requires looking at our operations, from our people and facilities to the appearance and amenities of the marinas.  Just like when they chose a neighborhood to live in, your potential customers have checklists of what they are looking for in order to make the decision on where to build their lives on the water.  Marine power pedestals are an important part of creating a professional appearance within a safe environment that can set us apart from the competition.


A dock power pedestal adds to the services offered in the marina and the appearance creates an atmosphere of quality, making it more likely that the customers will select you as their destination of choice.  Being this ideal location fills slips and typically creates the demand so that an owner can increase revenues with slip rentals and traffic for other services, such as ship stores and fuel dock sales.  It is important to never underestimate the power of first impressions, and our pedestal leaves a powerful, resounding one.


Highport Marina, Lake Texoma in Texas


The safety of our customers is a shared responsibility.  Marina power pedestals are designed for the specific use of safely supplying power to your customers’ boats.  Typically, shore power pedestals from manufacturers like HyPower, Eaton, Accmar, and Ensign are certified compliant to meet industry standards like UL, and their design allows for easy use and maintenance.  This safe environment is critical for the peace of mind that customers desire, in addition to potentially reducing your liability and insurance rates.

Operational Branding

Once in the marina, access to breakers, the ability to easily get cords in and out, lighting, water, and other convenience options are all found in a marina power pedestal, which greatly increases customer satisfaction.  This leads to long-term customers and more word-of-mouth advertising.  Dock power pedestals are also easier to service, allowing you to manage cost-effective inspections and run better maintenance on the pedestals.

An added benefit to the sense of professionalism that marina power pedestals create is how your employees conduct themselves.  Typically, the pedestal improvement makes their jobs easier and the operation run smoother overall, thus allowing for higher service expectations.  All of this is a byproduct of an organization with cost and service efficiencies from sales and maintenance to operations and management.

Why buy or upgrade to marina power pedestals?

Simply put, marina power and light pedestals make your life as an owner easier and business more profitable in the long-term, while improving the customer experience and workplace environment.  This is a real return on investment that you can feel every day you own and operate your marina.

If you have any comments about this article email me.  At HyPower we offer the highest quality and the most flexible power pedestal on the market, saving you time and money versus a traditional marine or RV power pedestal.  Check out our entire family of products for a TotalPower solution for your marina or RV Park.